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Azure Virtual Desktop MSIX App Attach – Pt2

Welcome to the part two of the MSIX App attach So, in our previous blog, we discussed how to create the MSIX package from the packaging tool. Now it's time for us to deploy the MSIX to our AVD solution. Before we proceed there are a few things that you need to know, you need to have a storage account and a file share inside that is integrated without AD and with the relevant permission. Please follow the below steps from Microsoft to configure the required permissions for your MSIX app attach container. Having said that I have already setup my file share, Okay let’s get down to the business. :D Since we have the package ready, we need to create VHD to extract the data. I’m using the below script to create a VHD in host environment or you can simply attach a VHD to your packaging environment. New-VHD -SizeBytes 500MB -Path c:\temp\vscode2.vhd -Dynamic -Confirm:$false $vhdObject = Mount-VHD c:\temp\vscode2.v

Azure Virtual Desktop MSIX App Attach - Pt1

Recently I delivered a session on Azure Virtual Desktop App Attach. It's quite fascinating. If we look at the solution carefully we will realize with the MSIX app attached AVD will become almost a management-less solution. in this we are separating the apps from the base operating system. With MSIX app attach, You don’t need to maintain gold images You can attach the same package to multiple hosts Could save more on storage and maintaining storage and updates Etc So, before we get into how to do this You need to know what MSIX, and App attach is means MSIX – MSIX is the next generation format of application packages, previously we have MSI and now MSIX, what’s different with MSIX is, the application is running in a containers App attach - App attach is the method of delivery for MSIX packages to the AVD Pre-requests App packaging environment MSIX packaging tool Working Azure Virtual desktop solution integrated with Active Directory Domain Services. Storage Accounts to host the pack