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Managing Azure VM Guest and host updates (Azure DevOps)

Howdy folks, Back again with a new blog post. This time it's about Azure VM Guest and VM host update management during the VM deployment process. I'm writing this blog assuming you have a good understanding of how to manage Azure VM updates from Azure In a recent project, there was a requirement to create an environment for a software deployment solution. And as part of the solution, automatic VM update is among one of the requirements. There are great articles from Microsoft and as well as other consultants on how to manage windows update in Azure, this article is slightly different and explain how to achieve this via pipeline Without further due following are the key component we need to set up. Component Deployment Method Log Analytics Workspace BICEP Automation Account BICEP Link Automation to Workspace BICEP Update Solution BICEP Provision Update Schedule Azure Powershell command in the pipeline Add enable updates for VM Azure Powershell command in the pipeline As you can