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Migrating Azure DevOps Variable Groups

Howdy Folks, I was working on an application modernization project. And there was a requirement to migrate application deployments from one project to another in Azure DevOps. deployment pipelines were heavily dependent on variable groups. So, we wanted to migrate these variables group to the new project. Couldn't find any solutions in internet for this, so came up with the below scripts. You can grab the scripts from the below GitHub URL. DaniduWeerasinghe911/Migrate-Azure-DevOps-Variable-Groups: This Repo Include PowerShell Scripts relating to Migrating Azure DevOps Variable Groups ( Azure DevOps Variable Groups Azure DevOps Variable Groups are a way to store and manage sets of variables that can be used across multiple pipelines in Azure DevOps. These variables can include secrets, connection strings, and other sensitive information that is needed for builds and releases. Variable Groups provide a centralized way to manage these variables and ensure that they are cons

Azure IAC Resource Manager Parameter Options

Hey Folks, This time I wanted to talk about different types of parameters passing options and my opinion on each possible method. Having said that, there is no right or wrong answers here. It's purely depending on the solution that you are working on. There are few different parameter options we can use with Bicep especially when you are using Azure DevOps Json Files YML Files Variable Groups In-line Parameters Define Parameters within Bicep In this very blog post I'm not going to go into detail about in-line parameters, parameters within biceps or variable groups in Azure Devops. Cause I assume we are much more familiar with those. and my key highlight on this is yaml parameter files. JSON Parameter Files We all know what Json parameter files are. Following is one of the examples from Microsoft documentation. { "$schema" : "" , "contentVersion" : "