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How to link an OMS Workspace with an Azure Automation Account

When adding solutions to your OMS workspace you might get prompted to specify an Azure Automation account which then results in a link being created between the OMS workspace and the Azure Automation account. Now let’s assume you don’t need a specific OMS solution but you still want to create a link to an Automation account. While there is an “unlink workspace” option in the Azure portal, there is no “link workspace option” . Also within the OMS portal, there no option to directly link the workspace to an automation account. And as long as there is no connection, no runbooks can be selected in the Alert configuration screen. Now here’s the trick, just start the process of adding a solution that requires an automation account. For this example I use the “Change Tracking” solution. Next select “ Configure Workspace ” Complete the workspace configuration,  this will create the link between the OMS Workspace and the Azure Automation account . When completed, you will see a dialog where you

Microsoft Azure Attestation is now generally available

Did you know, from first week of Feb 2021, Microsoft Azure Attestation is generally available. Attestation is a free service by microsoft. Azure Attestation is a unified solution for remotely verifying the trustworthiness of a platform and integrity of the binaries running inside it. The service receives evidence from the platform, validates it with security standards, evaluates it against configurable policies, and produces an attestation token for claims-based applications. How to setup Azure Attestation Official MS guide for setting up Official MS guide for overview

Azure Backup Center now supports more workloads and policies

Did you know that backup center now supports SQL in Azure VMs, SAP HANA in Azure VMs and Azure Files. New Azure Policies allow you to deploy backup at scale based on resource group and tag information. This update of Backup Center also includes new built-in policies for Azure Backup that allow you to configure backup of Azure Virtual Machines at scale based on resource group and tag information. Available Azure polcies for