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NSG and UDR Support for Private Endpoints

Hey Folks, It's been a while since I blogged about something. This time it's about NSG and UDR support for Private endpoints. This feature is now publicly available. This was one of the most wanted features in Azure Networking. Before we get into more details. Let's have some general understanding of what are private endpoints and what was the issue before and how this feature fixes all these issues. What are Private Endpoints? According to MS documentation, "A private endpoint is a network interface that uses a private IP address from your virtual network. This network interface connects you privately and securely to a service that's powered by Azure Private Link" Basically, Private endpoints allow you to connect to Microsoft Services to securely using a private address. So that the traffic will not flow thru MS public networks. This basically creates a network interface card for the services on a selected subnet. What were the issues/Limitations with Private