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Start VM on connect capability in Azure Virtual Desktop

Howdy Folks, Here is a another cool new feature of Azure Virtual Desktops, and also this feature is recently released to all the tenants as it went on general availability. This feature is called "Start VM on Connect" Start VM on Connect will help you optimize the costs of your deployment by offering a configuration setting in the service to start stopped or deallocated VMs when needed This new feature that will turn on a shutdown or deallocated VM in a Azure Virtual Desktop host pool when a user tries to connect to it. You could always set policies to shut down idle VMs and save cost - but with the Start VM on connect capability you can now also ensure that those VMs are available to your users if needed. What do we need to have this enabled, of course there are few limitations. when this feature was originally released this was only available for personal host pools but luckily now its available for both pooled and personal. so then what are the limitations Requirements and

NAT on Azure VPN Gateway (Public Preview)

Organizations commonly use private IP addresses for internal communication in their private networks. When these networks are connected using VPN over the Internet or across private WAN, the address spaces must not overlap otherwise the communication would fail. To connect two or more networks with overlapping IP addresses, NAT is deployed on the gateway devices connecting the networks. Previously customers needed to use Cisco strech network appliances to connect Azure and their on prem data centre. I was part of a similar migration we were using CISCO CSR 1000V virtual appliance to strech the onprem network to Azure. and we had to face lot of challenges with routing, packet sizes etc... There are many reasons that we need to use same IP addresses in both onprem and Azure specially when in a hybrid cloud or a migration scenario. Now with this feature hopefully things will be seamleess Below is the example from Microsoft Documentation. NAT example The following diagram shows an example