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Object Replication for Premium Block Blob Storage (Public Preview)

Microsoft has recently announced the Object Replication for Premium Block Blob Storage. This feature is in public review. Let look at why we need this and what are the benefits of having them, Specially how to setup this one Object replication asynchronously copies block blobs in a container according to rules that you configure. The contents of the blob, any versions associated with the blob, and the blob's metadata and properties are all copied from the source container to the destination container few things to note Object replication does not support blob snapshots Object replication is supported when the source and destination accounts are in the hot or cool tier. Before you proceed you need to know following Replication Policies - Replication policy is an object that holds replication rules in the target region. You need to create the replication policies on the destination side and associate them with the source. • Source can replicate to multiple destination (in the same ta