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Azure Private DNS Resolution from On-Prem

Howdy Folks Again here with a Microsoft Azure product experience, this time it's about DNS resolutions. As you all know Microsoft Azure services have a networking feature called Private endpoints. This allows network users or services to access the MS-hosted services securely using a private IP address. I won't go into details on what and how to set up private endpoints and DNS. Problem to Solve Azure storage account enabled a private endpoint and integrated it with private DNS. There are servers and used required to access this storage account using the private IP address (NOT THE PUBLIC ENDPOINT). A firewall is enabled on the storage account and this disabled the public access. Every time the on-prem server tries to access the storage account AD DNS resolves to the storage account's public IP address, not the local IP. Current Setup Current Behaviour from On-prem Resolution At the moment, azure private DNS zones do not support setting up conditional forwarders. So the sol