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Azure Private DNS Resolution from On-Prem

Howdy Folks Again here with a Microsoft Azure product experience, this time it's about DNS resolutions. As you all know Microsoft Azure services have a networking feature called Private endpoints. This allows network users or services to access the MS-hosted services securely using a private IP address. I won't go into details on what and how to set up private endpoints and DNS. Problem to Solve Azure storage account enabled a private endpoint and integrated it with private DNS. There are servers and used required to access this storage account using the private IP address (NOT THE PUBLIC ENDPOINT). A firewall is enabled on the storage account and this disabled the public access. Every time the on-prem server tries to access the storage account AD DNS resolves to the storage account's public IP address, not the local IP. Current Setup Current Behaviour from On-prem Resolution At the moment, azure private DNS zones do not support setting up conditional forwarders. So the sol

Deploying BICEP using Azure DevOps Pipeline

Recently I was more looking into bicep side of things in Azure. And I wanted to deploy the bicep templates using azure DevOps. 😊 I came up with the following workflow to deploy the templates to Azure. I believe this approach is quite good because Using the standard approach of build and deploy I will get to see if there are any errors in bicep files during the build Saving to artifacts will give the opportunity to go back instantly Azure DevOps Repository I will be using a native Azure DevOps repository to hold the bicep code. Feel free to use GitHub also if you prefer. I have created a new project inside my DevOps organization and uploaded the Bicep code Build Pipeline The idea behind this build pipeline is the represent the build stage by compiling the bicep code into Arm template and will be saving JSON file inside the artifacts Following are the steps elect your azure repository Select Starter Pipeline Remove the default code Enter the new Code as above Note:  Code is saved in my