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Azure Virtual Desktops Gold Image Windows Update Automation

Howdy Folks During a recent customer engagement, I had to deploy Azure Virtual Desktop solutions via DevOps pipelines. Due to some reasons, we decided to go down the gold image option for the shared hostpools. So I ended up creating compute galleries and saved gold image files for the different hostpools This leads me to think of a way to update these gold images without spending much time and deploying them to hostpools. And found a way to do it. There may be other way to do it but, I think based on the scenario and the services I used int this solution, this method is the ideal one As usual below diagram explains the flow of my pipeline. For this process other than azure pipelines, the main component that I will be using is packer template. For those who are new to packer... "Packer is  HashiCorp's open-source tool for creating machine images from source configuration . You can configure Packer images with an operating system and software for your specific use-case. Terrafor