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Do you want to save on Log Analytics costs..?

Howdy Folks It's time to discuss Azure Monitor costs, As you all know Microsoft merge most of their logging service solutions under the Azure Monitor umbrella. And most of the services share a common log collection location for this service which is the Log Analytics workspace. The following diagram explains the services under each category. Next what we need to understand is how we get charged for Log analytics workspaces. So that we can work on reducing the costs. As per the Microsoft documentation, we are getting charged based on Data Retention Data Ingestion let's do a quick calculation and see how this going to affect our bill. Let's take an example scenario, let's assume we have a few Azure workloads that generate 2GB data every day and we are ingesting that to log analytics to retain for 90 days As per the above example, we can clearly see our charges will increase with data ingestion capacity but not much with data retention. How to Find the Utilization? Now th