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Securing Azure Monitor Services

Howdy folks,  It's been a while I blogged about something. And this time I'm here with Azure Monitor Services. The following diagram will explain most of it. Microsoft includes a few different services into Azure monitors, like Log Analytics, App, and VM Insights. Azure Monitor collects two main types of details from Azure Services, Metrics, and Logs once it's being collected this data can be used to trigger alerts, diagnose issues, analyze trends, etc. This is one of the most critical and must-have services in Azure. You can learn more about Azure Monitor Having said that we need to understand why Azure Monitor needs to be secured. Why it's so important.? Simply azure monitor will have many critical information types including users names, IP addresses, server names, etc. You may all agree on why this data needs security. Also, Microsoft have their own measures to secure the ingested log data to be secured ( link ) There are a few options you are secure this service N