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Did you know about Azure VM Applications feature?

What is VM Applications Azure Compute Gallery now includes the existing Shared Image Gallery (SIG) service and the new VM Applications features and additional capabilities.  With VM Applications, you can now define application packages, replicate, share and deploy them automatically to your VMs and Virtual Machine Scale Sets using ARM templates, the portal, CLI, or PowerShell. Add an application to a VM or VMSS at creation, or add, remove, and update applications on existing resources. This feature provides flexibility and simplicity in managing, sharing, and deploying applications. Some features include: Provides custom configuration of applications at deployment time Require applications or specific versions through DeployIfNotExist policies Create multiple replicas per region for reliability Limit which VMs and VM scale sets can install an application And this does not charge you anything extra for the service. Its only charge you for the storage. Even though this is sounds interest