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Updating Azure VM Data Disk Sizes

Summary Hope you are doing great, this time I came up with a simple azure DevOps solution for updating VM disk sizes. The current project that I'm in has a bunch of virtual machines. So, we need a way to update the VM disk with minimal administrative effort and changes.  In this scenario, we have used Bicep as the IAC language Azure DevOps pipelines YAML variable files  Here is the high-level workflow for a particular VM in the solution YAML Pipeline file got two workflows, firstly the VM build pipeline, and the second is the disk update one. If you focus on the green arrow and the purple arrow, basically I'm modifying the same bicep module file and passing the same set of variables. You may wonder why we cannot use the same flow to build the VM and update the disk later, that's because for the disk updates VM needs to be in a shutdown state, and other components in the 1st flow need the VM up and running especially the extension modules YAML Variable Files I have decided t

Azure Virtual Desktops - FIDO Support with FEITIAN FIDO

Howdy Folks This time, I decided to play with Azure Virtual Desktops - FIDO key support feature. My experience with FIDO is also new. Luckily Fetian team hooked me up with one of their FIDO keys to test this solution. Firstly thanks heaps for the FEITIAN team You can check out the FEITIAN lineup on their  Amazon Store here . I have used ePass FIDO NFC Security Key K9 . Following is my use case for the LAB Configure FIDO key with my personal Hotmail account Enable FIDO key redirection with AVD Sign in to my personal Onedrive using the FIDO key within the Azure Virtual Desktop Session Firstly About the K9 Key The K9 security key is a USB and NFC key. The setup of this key is really straightforward. Check this blog post for the setup and the activation of using it in Azure AD. In terms of build quality, It's portable and easy to use, made out of hard plastic which makes it light weighted. I would suggest having a key ring or key tag attached otherwise you may lose the key :P Also sinc